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Minor auto accident cases are simple proceedings, which end fairly quickly and the claimant would be able to collect compensation in a timely manner. However, if the accident has resulted in serious injury or worse, death, the case can get complicated and the proceeding can a take long time to accident attorneys

Under such circumstances where the case has become complicated, the attorneys sometimes recommend their client go for an out of court settlement. They are fast but the recovery may not be the maximum amount possible.

In case of San Antonio auto accident, an individual needs to note few things and take immediate actions which will enable him file his suit for recovery.

First and foremost, do not leave the scene of accident even if it is not a very serious injury. The police need to be informed immediately. You can call yourself or ask a witness to do so. First aid is a must, however if anybody is seriously hit or injured call the ambulance and take action. The vehicle should be left at the original position unless required.

Secondly, it is very crucial to note that, you should not admit the responsibility of the accident unless you discuss it with your attorney.

Thirdly, gather all relevant information which will be required to file your suit, which includes address, phone number and name of all those involved in the accident. License and insurance information of the drivers needs to be collected too. In addition, the scene of the accident needs to be noted with minute details like traffic, weather and skid marks. If possible take a photograph for evidence.

The accident will then be investigated by a crash team or police unit, who will take statements of all parties involved and provide them with contact information. A formal report will be issued once the investigation is complete to ascertain criminal charges.

The insurance company needs to be informed of the accident at the earliest. Get a medical check up done to ascertain the seriousness of any injury. Consult with your attorney to understand your legal rights and liabilities. Lastly, do not forget to inform the Department of Public Safety, so that such accidents can be avoided in future.

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